How does it work?

recording audioRecording your Band CD with Recordings 4 Bands couldn’t be simpler.  Just choose a date which suits you and give us a call.

Book your Recording Session

Give us a call on 01225 302143 or send us an email to reserve a Recording Day of your choice.  There is an online calendar at the foot of this page which will show you our availability.  We will send you written confirmation of the date and details of our engineers so you can relax and prepare your band for this exciting experience.

The Recording Day

Our engineers will turn up at your chosen venue around 8am in order to set up our mobile studio,  We are then ready to record your band  from around 9.30am through to around 5pm.   We do not impose time limits (within reason). Usually the length of the recording session is driven by the band members available puff!

Producing the CD Artwork

The price of our CD ‘package’ includes free artwork design to help you create your CD.   Naturally some bands will want to do this in house or use their own preferred design agency.  The choice is entirely yours.  You can find all the necessary templates on our Guides page.

Take delivery of your CDs

All our CDs are produced by a professional production house to retail quality standard and each one will come individually cellophane wrapped.  This means your band members will have something they can be really proud of for years to come.  Following sign off on the  recording and receipt of the artwork, CDs are usually delivered within 7-14 days.

No CD player? No Problem

All our CDs now include details of how to access the digital audio files online at no extra cost.  Anyone who has purchased a CD from the band can now access digital files to transfer to their preferred means of listening to music.