Why Choose us

Brass Band

We realise customers have a choice.  In order to help you make an informed decision about your next recording we have set out some key information about our recording services

Experience Recording Bands

In any business, experience matters.  We started our mobile recording company in 2004, and prior to that we spent nearly 5 years exploring the best ways to record on location. We also spent time working with microphones and audio equipment manufacturers trying different combinations of recording gear to get a solution which worked for our customers.

No business should ever stand still and we are constantly refining our setup and our product offering to meet a changing market place and to ensure we consistently offer our clients the best quality of recording which can be achieved on location.   Since 2004 we have recorded a wide range of bands from large scale concert bands to wind quartets.

We sometimes use the strap line, for musicians, by musicians.  This is self explanatory but our understanding of not only the technical aspects of recording, but also the delicate art of performance and musicianship sets us apart in this industry.

No Time Limits

Broadly speaking we define a day on location as around 7 hours of recording.   We understand that for a band to play their best all day long requires a lot of concentration and physical effort.   Generally speaking we arrive around 8am to set up and then record from around 09.30 through to about 16.00 with a few breaks.    The exact schedule for the recording day can be determined by you as it will ultimately depend on the band members availability as well as restrictions on the venue hire.  Most bands will choose to record over two consecutive days, usually at a weekend.

Professional Setup

As a professional recording company, we operate a number of mobile recording rigs, depending on the requirements of the job.  In most cases we use between 16 and 24 channels (digital inputs / microphones) to record the average concert band.  As well as recording we can also help to produce your album / recording session.   We are musicians as well as sound engineers.  It is helpful if we can have a copy of the score for the duration of the session so we can make notes about different takes.

Unless requested to do so, we will generally not comment on the musical performance but we will follow the score during the recording. This means that your MD can easily record different takes, or record section by section safe in the knowledge that we have noted down what is happening.   For this purpose we will usually put a separate microphone by your MD so we can hear exactly what he or she is saying.